Skater is the subculture of many skateboarders. Skaters often are similar to punk and skater punks are common. Skaters are opposed to police, and police action, however this is usually kept in the scope of keeping skaters from being hurt by police. They can be very creative in opposing police oppression, and unneeded skateboard bans. Skaters have sometimes replace "no skateboarding" with "go skateboarding". Skaters skate in streets, or concrete skateparks, as opposed to ramps.

Defense MechanismEdit

This video is a good example of this skater use of cameras:

Go skateboarding day cop vs skaters(uncut)part 1

Go skateboarding day cop vs skaters(uncut)part 1

Go skateboarding day cop vs skaters(uncut)part 2

Go skateboarding day cop vs skaters(uncut)part 2


Skaters often are very opposed to business's co-opting of skateboarding, which is one of things that differentiates them from other skateboarders. They often oppose, or do not support pro skateboarding.

Not all skateboarders are skaters. Many skateboarders strongly oppose skaters.


The skater subculture is threatened of being eliminated by posers, bros, haters, and people who quit skating to bike. It is also threatened by Hip-Hops assimilation attempts and dangers. PSYCHE!

Skate PunkEdit

Skater Punk, or Skate Punk is a subculture combining skater and punk. It is usually someone who dresses like a skater, rides a skateboard, and has some punk and some skater ideas and listens to punk rock. Due to the assimilation and co-opting attempts by big business and Hip-Hop, it is in danger and many people try to deny it's existence.

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