Punk is a subculture that is characterized by an opposition to strong government, which is often anarchist, a hatred for authority, a unique style of hair and clothing, a hatred of big business, an opposition to prejudice and many other qualities. Most of it's ideas are spread through music. Anti-Flag is a good example of a punk band. Punk has changed alot, it began as, where what ever people wernt wearing, and the punk fasion was to not follow the fasion, but now punks have split into various groups, with few origanal punks left.


Punks often have dyed hair and/or piercings. Their clothing is often ripped. Mohawks are common hair styles, but many origanal punks see mohawks as the oposite to what punks stand for, as punk is about every one being completly different.


Punks are often leftist, or anarchist. They strongly support human rights and civil liberties. Although many punks are not political.

Relations to other subculturesEdit

Punk Subculture began as a result of rejection to the Hippie era and a distaste for mainstream culture. Punk has produced several other subcultures, such as Emo, and Goth.

Defense MechanismEdit

Punk has displayed the ability to defend against assimilation by using mass action. During the 90s, punk began being darker, and some what mutilating. This had the effect of chasing away assimilating influences.

Skate PunkEdit

Skater Punk, or Skate Punk is a subculture combining skater and punk. It is usually someone who dresses like a skater, rides a skateboard, and has some punk and some skater ideas. Due to the assimilation and co-opting attempts by big business and Hip-Hop, it is in danger and many people try to deny it's existence.