Greasers are a subculture that started in the 1950 by world war 2 veterans with ptsd who what a free life of riding motorcycle picking up chicks partying and rock n roll but wasn't made popular in till famous people like Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Marlon Brando and James Dean started dressing like that in movies and music tours the style become really popular with poor teenagers and orphans and would stay popular between the 50s and early 60s most adult and parents saw the style as rebellious and trouble making hoodlum this era would be know as the original greaser era but the style would start to die out in the 60s with most greasers becoming bikers and some leaving the greaser style behind but some stay with the style the style had a short lived revival in the 70s because of movies and tv shows like Happy days,Grease, now days it underground subculture that ties it self with rockabilly music and bands like the Stray cats and is waiting for a 2020 revival.

The StyleEdit

Most greasers have greasy hair, a white shirt or black shirt tucked in, a leather motorcycle jacket or denim jacket, jeans with the ended of the leggings rolled up and wear shoes like chuck taylors or engineer boots but not all dress in those thing like with shirts some of them wear flannel shirts and girl ain't so different but well put there hair in a pony tail and wear a red poke a dotted hand band and sometimes mini skirts.                                                                           

Hair Styles and Hair Products                                                     Edit

The greaser hair styles are pompadour which is the slick back hair style, the duck tail which is wear you make the back or your hair look like a duck ass and the elephant's trunk which is wear you make the front of your hair look like the trunk of a elephant, the hair products are simple most greasers use pomade to grease up there hair but hair gel is ok too.


The greasers mostly listen to rock n roll music or rockabilly and listen to artist like johnny cash, elvis, little richard and bands like the stray cats.


Greasers mostly don't use weapons and when they do it in self defense but the weapons they use are knifes like switch blades and butter fly knifes but sometimes use guns.

Vehicles Edit

Greasers mostly drive motorcycles or bikes cycles but not all some drive old retro cars and trucks.                                 

Smoking and DrankingEdit

Not all greasers smoke and drink but some do and the ones that do drank beer and smoke cigarettes and use zippo lighters to light there cigarettes.


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